AMESON Mesotech
AMESON Mesotech




Hi-tech MESOTHERAPY products with a wide range of professional solutions for targeted and personalized skin care.


Raw materials with state of the art technology for mesotherapy.

Hyaluronic acid

Source of inspiration and starting point of the whole AMESON series.

Vitamin C (AA2G)

In stabilized form with a comparative superiority in terms of efficiency.

Biomimetic Peptides

The most advanced raw materials technology is applied for the biomimetic effects in skin care, also having an accelerator effect on active ingredients.

BIOGENIC CAFFEINE (alcohol free)

Usability on the area around the eyes as well, at a maximum concentration of up to 40%.

Active ingredients in maximum optimal concentrations

• AA2G 20%   • DMAE 4%   • BIOGENIC CAFFEINE 40%

Specialized mesotherapy formulas and protocols.

Maximum safety and efficiency in anti-ageing, regeneration, whitening, slimming and cellulite treatment.

Proven efficiency

Published clinical studies of the ingredients.


AMESON MESOTECH series includes sterile Mesotherapy products, consisting of either one active ingredient or a cocktail of active ingredients. MESOTECH products are available in 5 or 7 ml vials, in a packaging of 5 or 10 vials.

The series includes:

  • 9 products for the face (blue)
  • 3 products for the face and body (grey)
  • 2 products for the body (burgundy)
  • 2 products Mesotherapy After
    A powerful combination of CALMING & REPAIR effects for a better recuperation after the mesotherapy protocols.

The Juliette Armand’s Applied Research and Development Department supports our collaborators with recommended mesotherapy protocols for the face and body.

AMESON MESOTECH products are recommended for external use and are compatible with:

  • MICRONEEDLING (Microroller, Micropen)
AMESON Mesotech