Shopping in our new e-shop!

Juliette Armand launches its new e-shop! You can now purchase all the Juliette Armand products online easily and comfortably in an absolutely safe environment.

The products of all three product lines-Elements, Skin Boosters, SunFilm are available with a full description of theιρ characteristics and their action. The advanced classification and navigation features allow you to identify the cosmetics that match your personal needs quickly and easily as the personal professional concept promises. Visitors are allowed to search for products by combining criteria such as the type of cosmetics, their actions, their texture, the age group they belong to, the problem or the type of their skin.

Learn about Juliette Armand cosmetics and their prices and place your orders. The professional beauticians are able to access to wholesale products that can be ordered in the same way. The e-shop is entirely administered by Juliette Armand, providing the best possible special offers on pricelist tariffs following your professional registration.

Thanks to our contemporary designed e-shop and the new website, Juliette Armand boosts its online activity and makes a significant step towards its strategic vision: the global the global dissemination of the personal professional concept.
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