Juliette Armand HQ

The company is headquartered in Athens, the capital of Greece, in a contemporary designed building, which is a vertically integrated, high quality production facility.

In our building there is a department of new product’s research and development (R&D), a production and packaging department, modern laboratories for quality control, the marketing department and the administration offices.
In our branch in Thessaloniki we have a customer service department, beauty professional training department and a storage department in order to support all the North area of Greece. In the same time this is the centre of Julliette Armand export activity in the Balkans.

Juliette Armand S.A.
36 P. Mela str., N. Philadelphia, 14342

35 P.Mela str., Thessaloniki, 54622

Tel: +30 2102531736
Fax: +30 2102532892
e-mail: jularm@juliettearmand.gr