Juliette Armand Production

All Juliette Armand cosmetics are manufactured in our laboratories in accordance to the European Union’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for cosmetics and always with the personal supervising from the scientists – founders of the company.

Every process of the company including research and distribution is certified by the international quality standard of ISO 9001:2008 that ensures that our operations are performed within the confines of increasing strictness quality management system. The procedure and quality audits are carried out by the highly renowned international certification group TÜV Austria.



The packaging process follows high standards in order to ensure final customer’s safety in every stage.
Juliette Armand packages are selected to provide:
– Functionality, easy to use, reliability and long resistance
– High aesthetics, within the modern design concept
– Leak – tightness, for the guarantee of product
– Safety with the product sealed before use
– Environmentally friendly inert materials
– Elimination of additional volume and weight (thieves, excessive papers), so that neither the environment nor the cost of product is overloaded (due to the increased expenses of storage and transportation)

Juliette Armand Production